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To better serve you we have the ability to try and get you the meat you want for a price you can afford.

Countryside Quality Meats is a USDA meat processing plant.

A little bit about us.

     Countryside Quality Meats (CQM) offers a knowledgeable, customer oriented staff with many years of experience. At CQM we pride ourselves in high customer satisfaction and convenience for various meat processing needs. We are open year around for all of our customer types- from local livestock producers to small restaurants. Customers may bring in animals for processing or buy products directly from our store, ranging from wholesale cuts to meal size portions. In addition to providing products to households, Countryside also provides meats for local businesses.

     One of the key components that make CQM unique: we are one of the few USDA approved meat processors in our area. Therefore, ALL of our products meet USDA approval, even the labels have been approved by the USDA. Farmers that utilize our processing services can have their unique label on their products, giving them the opportunity to sell the meat that they produce at local farmers markets and to friends and neighbors. We process beef, pork, lamb, and goat. We do all of the harvesting here at our plant, and packaging size and weight is customized to meet the customer’s wishes. 

      Countryside also has a retail counter if you are just looking to buy locally raised meats. In addition we also provide customized meat boxes. Customers can choose from a list of options (and prices) they like and the box is filled to meet their wishes. Current customers range from local households, restaurants, and businesses who share the desire for locally raised meats with their families, customers and employees. 

            We take pleasure in the fact that we can share our love for meat processing with the general public. From our family to yours !